Saturday, December 4

New car sales grew 98% as of August 2021, doubling the units registered the previous year

The main indicators of domestic consumption in Panama register significant increases from January-August 2021, reflecting their recovery compared to 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic slowed the economy.

According to the report of the Main Economic Indicators of the National Institute of Statistics and Census (Inec), the registration of new cars in the Single Vehicle Registry of Panama from January-August 2021 totaled 24,731 units, for a positive variation of 98.4% recovering from the drop of -60.4% in 2020 when only 12,467 enrolled, that is almost 50% less than the current year.

Specifically, regular cars at 65.2%, luxury cars at 95.8%, SUV’S 131.4%, minivans 69.9%, panels 101.2%, pick ups 115.0% and trucks 83.8%.

The sale of fuels for national consumption increased by 24.0%, with gasoline standing out (91 and 95 octane) at 32.7% and low sulfur diesel 29.0%. In contrast, Bunker C decreased by 24.3%.

While the shipment of marine fuel, measured in thousands of barrels net, reported a positive variation of 5.6%, registering an increase in the Pacific Coast of 8.3% (Coast in which 85.7% of marine fuel was shipped); on the other hand, in the Atlantic it fell by 8.1%. c.

The sale of fuel through barges increased by 2.5%; in the Pacific Coast it grew by 4.5%, while in the Atlantic Coast it fell by 7.2%. The total number of ships attended increased by 0.4%.