Monday, August 2

New Clues Appear About Google’s Foldable Phone | Digital Trends Spanish

Apparently, Google has not put aside its project for a folding phone. According to the medium The ElecThere are several companies that are currently preparing phones with folding screens, among which are the manufacturers of the Google Pixel.

Although no further details are provided, the site reveals that Google’s phone will use a 7.6-inch screen, with ultra-thin glass (UTG) technology. Ultra Thin Glass).

This technology belongs to Samsung and there are already some phones of the brand that use it; one of them is the Galaxy Z Flip, a smartphone foldable that when it was launched received some criticism because precisely the screen tended to scratch very easily.

Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

In addition to Google and Samsung, the original report reveals that several Chinese companies will move away from polyamide-based display technology to adopt UTG. Honor, Vivo and Xiaomi are preparing foldable phones and some of them are expected to launch this year, while Oppo could follow suit with a similar phone to launch in 2022.

Perhaps this change in technology will open the door for folding phones to start expanding. Until now, folding models have come from more traditional companies such as Samsung itself or Motorola. However, the entry of phones, both from Google and the aforementioned Chinese brands, could mean a price reduction that also increases the attractiveness of these devices among the public.

Because until now, and given their price, phones with folding screens look more like an expensive curiosity than a true alternative to traditional screen phones.

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