Monday, September 25

New complaint against Madrid Puro Reggaeton for its “abusive” return conditions

The consumer platform Facua has extended its complaint against the Madrid Puro Reggaeton festival. This time the reason has been the deadline that they have enabled for the return of tickets after the event was canceled on July 15, just a few hours before opening its doors at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium. The festival has enabled 14 days, from July 29 to August 12, to request a refund for tickets, some of which exceeded 300 euros.

Chronology of Madrid Puro “timo” Reggaeton, the festival that has infuriated Daddy Yankee fans

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Facua understands that the publication “of a statement through a web page or social networks are not means that guarantee the reception of the message to those affected.” The platform does not believe that the term is insufficient, but that there should not even be a limit to carry out this management, “when the people who bought the tickets have not been informed individually”.

The Madrid Puro Reggaeton was the chronicle of a death foretold. The festival that the Community of Madrid canceled 24 hours before its start, and left more than 35,000 people stranded, had followed a path quite different from that of other major events in the country. The cancellation was due to the fact that they had not presented a security plan in conditions that would guarantee the mobility of the thousands of people who were going to attend. The regional government denied them permission to celebrate at the Wanda, a location of which they had been informed three days in advance. Until that moment, the place announced was the Magic Box, where they had not received the permits either.

Facua had already filed a complaint with them in early July for not allowing food or drink to enter the premises. The Department of Consumer Affairs of the Community of Madrid, given that the festival was going to be held in this region, and the General Directorate of Consumer Affairs of the Junta de Andalucía, since the promoter company’s registered office is in Granada, were the ones that received the request, which Facua has just extended.

The association considers that establishing a deadline to request the reimbursement of the money is an abusive clause, according to the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, which say the following: “Abusive clauses will be considered all those stipulations not negotiated individually and all those practices not expressly consented to that, contrary to the requirements of good faith, cause, to the detriment of the consumer and user, a significant imbalance of the rights and obligations of the parties arising from the contract.

It also considers abusive, “the possibility that the employer keeps the amounts paid for benefits not yet made when it is he himself who resolves the contract.”

Some reported having lost up to 600 euros (300 for tickets and 300 for transportation and accommodation). There were people who not only traveled from various parts of Spain, but also traveled from abroad with the sole purpose of attending Puro Reggaeton. Facua’s spokesman, Rubén Sánchez, recalled in this newspaper that it is his right to “claim damages” from the company that organizes, in addition to full reimbursement of the tickets.