Saturday, May 28

New computer genius creates an Airbnb for Ukrainian refugees | Digital Trends Spanish

When he was 17 years old and the pandemic was just beginning, Avi Schiffmann gained popularity by developing, a platform for tracking COVID-19 cases, for which he turned down $8 million. Today’s Harvard student makes news again after developing a website to support Ukrainian victims of the Russian invasion who seek refuge in nearby countries.

It all started after the young American participated in a propacious march in San Diego, in his native California. “I couldn’t stop thinking about what I could do to help. He wanted to do something that had an immediate impact, ”he commented on his most recent innovation, in statements that he reproduced Genbeta.

Backed by his partner Marco Burstein, it took Schiffmann three days to launch the site into cyberspace. Ukraine Take Shelter. Available in 12 languages, displaced people from Ukraine can search for available rooms and homes that can accommodate them.

“If someone has a sofa available, they can support a refugee. And if you have a whole house, you can put it on the site and support a whole family. What we have done is launch a super fast and light version of Airbnb, “added the boy.

The student, who calls himself an “internet activist”, told on his social networks that the tool works, since a host from the Netherlands, who received a family, sought to deactivate the offer notice in the face of numerous requests. They are “incredible stories”, he celebrated.

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