Thursday, December 9

New evacuations in Tazacorte and Los Llanos de Aridane due to the advance of the lava flow further north of the volcano

The emergency plan for volcanic risk in the Canary Islands (PEVOLCA) has ordered the evacuation of the neighborhoods of Las Martelas, in the municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane, Marina Alta, Marina Baja, La Condesa and Cuesta Zapata, in Tazacorte, due to the advance from the lava from the La Palma volcano that runs further north and is already crushing the residential nucleus of La Laguna.

The areas to be evacuated go from the LP-213 at the junction with Camino Nicolás Brito Pais, heading north, to the junction with Camino Martelas de Abajo. In a scattered line, southwest direction, until the junction of the La Laguna-Tazacorte Highway (LP-215) with Cuesta Zapata.

In Cuesta Zapata, heading west, continuing along Camino Pintor Cándido Camacho Gómez until it joins Calle Ángel Santana López in a southwesterly direction until Carretera La Costa, joining the road that goes to the San Borondón viewpoint.

All evacuated people should go to the Camilo León Fighting Field, in Los Llanos de Aridane, or the Tazacorte Sports Center. “Those people who are unable to collect their belongings today will be allowed to collect their belongings in subsequent days, gradually and accompanied, provided that security conditions allow it,” the authorities reported.