Thursday, October 28

New fatal run over of a lynx cub in the province of Seville

Ecologists in Action has denounced this Saturday a new death from being run over by a lynx, in this case a cub on the road to Dehesa de Abajo, in the Sevillian municipality of La Puebla del Río. The event took place on Friday night, and the ecologist training has learned of what happened through the information it has received from its representative in the Doñana Natural Space Participation Council.

The endangered Iberian lynx inhabited France and Italy 600,000 years ago

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The group warns that “this communication route is an identified black point of death of specimens, where vehicles, both cars and trucks, reach high speed despite poor visibility conditions and being marked that it is the lynx territory of the Doñana-Aljarafe population and know its proximity to the Doñana Natural Area “.

“Every year at least one lynx is killed on this road whose owner is the Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation (CHG), although it was paved a few years ago by the La Puebla del Río City Council,” the group states.

Project of unrealized actions

According to ecologists, such is the frequency of abuses, that the central administration drew up and approved in February a project of actions on this road, “a project that must be carried out by the Andalusian Administration and has not yet been undertaken.”

So far this year, according to Ecologists in Action, four lynxes have been run over in the town of Doñana plus one due to poaching. Last year, 12 specimens were victims of being run over, which accounted for 10% of the census of this population, which was estimated at 97.

“For years, every time there is a run over by this species of emblematic feline, all the alarms go off but there are no actions. The existence of proposals to alert and scare the fauna is disseminated and that they react by not crossing the roads, which does not it only appears witty and probably ineffective, but also reinforces the fragmentation of the territories. ”