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New Ford system lets you see thieves in action | Digital Trends Spanish

Ford and security systems company ADT announced the formation of a joint venture called canopy, to create vehicle safety systems by combining ADT’s monitoring technology with Ford’s artificial intelligence video camera technology.

The first product, to be launched in early 2023, will be a multi-sensor smart watchdog vehicle safety system, initially available in the US and UK for commercial and private pickups and vans, including Ford. F-150, the F-150 Lightning, Transit and E-Transit, which can be installed by customers themselves, to protect work and recreational equipment stored in vehicles.

Canopy will use the acoustic sensors, on-board cameras, radar, LTE and GPS that already exist in the vehicle to determine potential intruders and alert the owner. But the nerve center of the system is an additional camera that must be installed that has artificial intelligence that is capable of determining credible threats to objects inside the vehicle, knowing how to discern between regular noises and vibrations that can occur around a truck equipped with the system and the noise and vibrations produced by a thief trying to break into the vehicle. Canopy promises that the system will have the ability to distinguish suspicious movements from non-threatening occurrences.

When Canopy finds a credible threat, the vehicle owner will be able to view a live feed from the camera through the mobile app, while the Safe by ADT security monitoring system can take additional action such as reporting what is happening to a fleet operator, the owner of the vehicle or even the police. Canopy will also allow owners of a broken-in vehicle to target thieves and warn them that they are under surveillance through two-way audio, a pre-recorded voice message and other audio alerts.

Thief observing possible loot in the cargo bed of a pickup, is observed through the Canopi mobile application on a cell phone.

Canopy will begin its operations by providing security systems to Ford vehicles and Ford Pro, the division created to provide solutions to vehicle fleet operators, is expected to be one of its initial partners. However, the new company hopes to be able to serve vehicles from all manufacturers as well.

“Thieves have been even more active during the pandemic and know that business owners store valuable equipment in their vehicles, often transporting more than $50,000 worth of equipment. Canopy is here for those who have had enough robberies to threaten their livelihood,” said Franck Louis-Victor, vice president, Ford New Business Platform, in a statement.

Split image.  On the left a thief observes equipment contained in the cargo box of a pickup, on the right the owner of the pickup sees the thief observing his equipment in the Canopi mobile app on his cell phone.

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