Wednesday, January 19

New from Lexus is a hydrogen-powered off-road buggie

El Lexus ROV (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle) It is the latest concept from the Asian manufacturer. It is an off-road buggie that promises to run on hydrogen (fuel that still has many challenges ahead) for “fun and green adventures”. Its engine is 1.0 liters and Lexus ensures that its operation is identical to that of a gasoline, but using a high pressure tank for compressed hydrogen.

Lexus doesn’t rule out hydrogen

Lexus has released an exciting new hydrogen-powered vehicle concept. It is the first hydrogen engine of the Japanese giant, although they have opted for a buggie instead of a car designed for masses and large-scale production.

Chinese scientists solve one of the problems of hydrogen for electric cars: they manage to produce it on site and in real time

This Lexus ROV Concept is an off-road vehicle with dimensions of 3,120 x 1,725 ​​x 1,800 mm, with a robust body that follows the design line so characteristic of Lexus: sharp and Japanese, with the classic manufacturer’s grill.

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The interior is quite simple and minimalist, with the tachometer and a digital dashboard for speedometer and information somewhat sparse about the vehicle. No screens, Android Auto or extra technologies. The steering wheel is finished in leather, as well as the sports seats.

The interesting thing however in this vehicle is that it works with hydrogen. Lexus has not given too many technical details about the engine, but ensures that it works like a gasoline, with a 1.0-liter engine. It has a high pressure tank for compressed hydrogen and direct hydrogen injection. Its emissions, according to Lexus, are “close to zero.”