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New initiative seeks to preserve the history of the automobile | Digital Trends Spanish

The Automotive History Preservation Society (AHPS), or Society for the Preservation of Automotive History, is a non-profit foundation based in the state of Michigan, the cradle of the American automotive industry, created to prevent the loss of America’s rich automotive traditions to through the documentary preservation of its history. The experience of its founder Robert Gerometta, who served for 45 years as New York State’s chief record keeper archivist, makes him the ideal person to carry out this noble task.

AHPS describes its primary mission as “to digitally capture, restore, and preserve automotive documents and other materials for present and future generations.”

AHPS created a digital library internet based to archive all documents, drawings, images and works of art created by and for the automotive industry to which they have had access. These documents include both internal manufacturers’ materials created during the process of creating, designing, building and repairing automobiles, as well as those created to inform, promote, and sell these vehicles and their components.

This collection of materials is of great value to automotive enthusiasts, historians and journalists alike, and are freely available for publications, research and educational activities.

A report from The Drive publication describes Gerometta as the owner of “54 high-performance cars, including a pair of 2014 and 2003 Fords SVT Cobra convertibles that are still in his garage,” and recounted how he recently sold his Oldsmobile. Hurst OAI 442 from 1968 and his Plymouth GTX Hemi from 1967 “because he thinks it’s time for others to enjoy them.”

AHPS is constantly on the lookout for historical materials, these materials are collected and scanned using the same standards as the New York State Archives. Once scanned, the images are restored as close to their original form as possible.

The materials are stored on a secure web server where they are permanently available to all visitors, who can view, download or print them. So far the AHPS has 250,000 pages of materials already in stock and available and receives about 100,000 visits each year, extracting more than 700,000 pages of material.

AHPS’s operation is funded through membership dues, donations, sponsorships, and private grants, but you do not have to contribute to access the materials in the foundation’s possession. Volunteers who want to help in the hard work of preserving America’s automotive history, including the current seismic changes, are also welcome for future generations.

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