Monday, June 5

New lawsuit against Google for location tracking

It seems that even if we don’t want to, the devices continue to locate us. This has been the lawsuit filed against Google Alphabet-A for Washington and two other US states, as they claim that users have been tricked into turning off location tracking. It has remained active despite the decision of the users, according to Ryan Tracy en The Wall Street  Journal.

Google falsely told customers that if they opted out of having their “Location History” or other settings would not store the places they went, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

In fact, the lawsuit alleges, Google continues to track people’s movements using information from their search engine, the Maps application, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services.

“In reality, regardless of the setting they select, consumers using Google products have no choice but to allow the Company to collect, store, and use their location,” the lawsuit states. “Simply put, even when a user’s mobile device is set to deny Google access to location data, the company finds a way to still determine the user’s location.”

It alleges that the reality is inconsistent with Google’s public statements about giving users control over what information the company can collect.

Similar lawsuits were filed Monday in Indiana and Texas, and the state of Washington also plans to file a lawsuit, according to the DC Attorney General Karl Racine’s office.

The Washington, DC lawsuit seeks fines against Google, as well as the return of obtained data of any illegal conduct and “any algorithm developed using such data”.

To back up its claims, the lawsuit cites internal company documents, including one in which a Google employee allegedly says that the user interface for account setup “seems like it’s designed to make things possible, but hard enough that people don’t notice.

Alphabet is trading at $2,500 and Ei indicators are mostly bearish.