Thursday, December 9

NEW party president: “Poor people don’t have Bitcoin wallets”

With the fear of inflation becoming more and more recurrent, there is much talk about ways to protect oneself from the crisis and manage to maintain a good store of value, however, many are concerned that not everyone can take advantage of different ways and reserve tools of value. The President of the NEW Party, spoke about this recently, saying that the poor are not buying dollars or Bitcoin and that, in the future, they will have to pay the politicians’ payment slips.

“The poor don’t have offshore, they aren’t buying dollars, they don’t have a Bitcoin wallet.”, he said Eduardo Ribeiro, president of NOVO. The phrase is a clear reference to how the idea of ​​reserving value through Bitcoin and through cryptocurrencies is not, for now, something as democratic as many imagine.

With the fear of inflation and with the price of everything increasing, the lower class does not have time to study this type of investment and, consequently, does not have time to invest, even though it is something necessary for this troubled moment.

“The poor cannot protect themselves from inflation and the fiscal ruin promoted by this irresponsible and voter government, but they will have to pay the politicians’ bill when the bill arrives.”


Searching for a reserve of value in the current moment in Brazil is a necessary situation with an increasing weakening of the real and record previews for inflation, investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be a great suggestion, as supported by several renowned investors.

But in the case proposed by Eduardo, where there is a portion of the population that does not have access, there is undoubtedly a barrier that could prevent many from being able to protect themselves in the near future and ended up suffering from the inflation that continues to grow. In this case, Ribeiro implies that it is the role of the state to create better policies to be able to prevent inflation from harming everyone, especially those who cannot protect themselves.

Hyperinflation is a concern not only in Brazil, but also in the US and around the world, with big names calling attention to them. Furthermore, with the history of currencies dying from inflation, it is easy to understand why it is difficult to rely on fiat currency to survive the current situation.