Tuesday, February 20

New PIX key data leak affects 160,000 people, says Bacen

A new incident with the PIX keys of customers of a financial institution was disclosed by Bacen this Friday (21). The instant payments system emerged just over a year ago in Brazil to improve digital payment methods.

According to the president of the Central Bank of Brazil, Roberto Campos Neto, the growth of Bitcoin technology was treated as a threat to the means of payment and this initiative emerged as a response to contain the movement.

However, it is a centralized system that works with keys that carry personal information of the Brazilian population.

New incident with PIX key is disclosed by Bacen

In recent months, Bacen announced that Banco do Estado de Sergipe was the target of a leak of its customers’ personal data, due to a failure in the PIX system.

This Friday, a new failure in a system from another institution ended up generating a new data leak, informed by the BCB on your page.

“Governed by the principle of transparency, the Central Bank of Brazil (BC) makes public the occurrence of a security incident with personal data linked to Pix keys under the custody and responsibility of Acesso Soluções de Pagamento SA (Accesso), due to of punctual failures in systems of that payment institution.”

After the incident, it is possible that victims are sought after by cyber criminals, as their information is available on the internet. In this way, the Acesso institution will be the only one to contact customers and only via the application or internet banking.

The Central Bank of Brazil warned that not even other institutions participating in the PIX will contact, mainly by phone calls, email or SMS, among other means.

This incident was treated by the municipality as a form of transparency, also indicating that sensitive and bank secrecy data were not exposed, despite customer records being available on the internet.

PIX should integrate with Real digital and cases of problems worry

PIX was launched in November 2020 for Brazilians to start using the payment system. Despite this, with little more than a year since the system was implemented, it has already registered the second incident with personal data.

Two PIX data leak incidents in just over 1 year of tool launch /Play: BCB

In this way, it is clear that the leakage of information from the population in such cases is worrying, since it involves information that can be used for cyber-attacks of social engineering, also leading to financial losses.

Last Thursday (21), President Roberto Campos Neto spoke at Santander’s 26th Annual Latin American Conference, recalling that BC’s agenda involves expanding the PIX so that it becomes part of the digital Real, which will be the national currency in CBDC format.

Agenda BC talked about the convergence of financial innovation from PIX and Real digital
Agenda BC talked about the convergence of financial innovation of PIX and Real digital / Reproduction

Following the new PIX incident, the central bank reported that “adopted the necessary actions for the detailed investigation of the case and will apply the sanctioning measures provided for in the current regulation“.