Wednesday, February 21

New pool on Binance offers rewards paid with the Highstreet (HIGH) token

A new token is being promoted from the Binance Launchpad, and you are sure to be interested in learning about it. The token belongs to a MMORPG game to make money, and it runs within the Binance Smart Chain, its name is Highstreet (HIGH).

At the time of writing, the HIGH token is trading at $ 11.41, up 0.02% during the current day. Its market capitalization is $ 140 million, making it 2836th in the CoinMarketCap ranking.

Acerca del pool token Highstreet (HIGH) en Binance

In case you don’t know, Binance has a platform called Launchpad from which it helps to give visibility to newborn projects like this, while rewarding its users with tokens.

To qualify for these rewards, Binance users must staking their BNB or BUSD in the pools destined for the token they want to obtain, in this case HIGH.

The HIGH token pool is open from December 18, 2021, and will be open for 30 continuous days from that date. That is, it closes on January 18.

The total supply of HIGH tokens will be 100 million. Currently, the circulating supply is 12.3 million, of which 1 million were earmarked for the Binance launchpad.

There is no deposit limit of BNB or BUSD in the pools. The more they are, the more rewards you get.

800,000 tokens are destined for the BNB pool, while 200,000 are for the BUSD pool.

The only requirement to participate is to have completed the KYC verification on the Binance exchange.

Points to consider

  1. The rewards will be paid after a snapshot taken every hour, to review the total balances of the users and pay according to them. The APY is also updated hourly.
  2. The tokens can be claimed at any time.
  3. Only one pool can be staked at a time with the same coin. That is, you cannot assign the same BNB to two pools, but you can assign 50% and 50% to each.
  4. Users can change pools whenever they want.
  5. The tokens that have not been claimed will be deposited to the spot account once the pool ends.
  6. Staking BNB continues to provide the same benefits of standard holding BNB on Binance, such as getting airdrops, eligibility for new launchpads, and different VIP benefits.

About the Highstreet game

Highstreet is an open world Metaverse, where you can interact with different clothing brands, NFTs, traditional brands, and crypto all in a single MMORPG game.

Users can earn the HIGH token by completing missions, attending events, socializing with players, or purchasing NFTs from real-world brands.

The HIGH token is required to gain access in various areas of the Metaverse, either to progress in the game or to attend special events.

It is also the native currency of the game, so it works to buy from NFT to real estate products. In addition, it works as a governance token, for users to determine the future characteristics of the Metaverse.

Players can join Highstreet via virtual reality, via mobile phones and via a PC version.

If you want to know more about what the Highstreet game and its HIGH token are about, see the review they did on Binance.

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