Friday, January 28

New Prices Cared: they elaborate first draft of 1,300 products

Despite the fact that the freeze was initially implemented without the agreement of all the actors, the Government is now seeking to establish a basket of 1,300 mass consumer products that is agreed with the companies. In order to provide predictability and align expectations, this new version of Care Prices would have quarterly renewals but price updates would be executed monthly.


The Secretary of Internal Trade, Roberto Feletti, has already asked the representatives of the firms to send their proposals of the articles that they intend to add to the list. In this sense, the Government would accept changes as long as “the spirit of the program is not distorted.” Official sources told this medium that the first draft could be outlined today and that “surely there will be concrete news during the first week of January.”

On the side of The companies welcome that the program from now on is agreed, but they ask for changes. Some point out that they cannot maintain the products that currently make up the plan because they are key to the profitability of their companies and will propose alternative items. Others point out that there are discontinued packages that they will seek to replace with new presentations and there are those who dispute the reference value used as a starting point.

“The freezing pushed back prices, although we are willing to recognize some degree of recomposition of that moment, we, with the sworn statements made by supermarkets, built a mirror basket where we saw an average increase of 5.5% in 60 days. So, as there is cross-profitability, we are proposing that we offset this profitability in the January exit and not start with very high prices, “said Felett.i in an interview he gave to the Télam agency this weekend.

In the midst of the discussion for the continuity of price control, mass consumption companies will also seek to agree on other pending issues with the Government. On this agenda, the regulation of the front labeling law, which depends on different portfolios and could profoundly change the current way of promoting and marketing food, and also the treatment of the packaging law on which the companies appear as urgent issues. firms request modifications.