Tuesday, December 7

New tragedy on the Ruta Canaria: eight deaths in a patera located in the south of Gran Canaria

The Canarian route becomes the scene of a new tragedy this weekend after claiming the lives of eight migrants, while another 12 have been rushed to hospitals.

As reported by sources of Maritime Rescue, the boat in which up to 62 people were sailing was located on the night of this Saturday 65 kilometers south of Gran Canaria. Seven migrants lay in the boat, while the eighth victim perished in the rescue boat a few kilometers from the port of Arguineguín.

Likewise, among the survivors of the expedition, all males of Maghreb origin, three were found in a very serious condition, one with a cardiorespiratory arrest and two with severe hypothermia, for which they were evacuated urgently by helicopter to the Doctor Negrín hospital in the capital. of the island.

The number of hospitalized migrants increased when the rescue boat, the Guardamar Polimnia, which assisted them and drove them to the Gran Canaria dock, reached land. In total, nine more people required urgent healthcare.

A French sailboat that was sailing through the area initially alerted of the presence of the patera, around 6:00 p.m., at which time, given the remoteness of its position, it contacted a nearby merchant ship, the Nord Mosel, which was requested to wait around the area watching what happened until the arrival of Guardamar Polimnia.

The rescue boat was finally able to find the group around 9:30 p.m., discovering that among its members there were seven deceased, while three were especially serious. For this reason, the intervention of a helicopter was requested to evacuate them to the hospital.

The Guardamar Polimnia then continued its route until arriving, after midnight, at the Gran Canaria dock in Arguineguín, where it finally arrived with eight deaths, one more having died while on the way, according to the data provided by 112 once disembarked. all the occupants of the boat.

Another boat with 36 migrants located

The boat is not the only one detected sailing towards the Canary Islands between Saturday night and Sunday dawn, since at 9:00 p.m. an echo in the radars of the Comprehensive External Surveillance Service of the archipelago led to the location of another one that was 24 kilometers away. of Gran Canaria.

The Macondo Maritime Rescue boat was sent in search of them, according to their sources, a little more than an hour later they proceeded to the rescue of its occupants, who were 36 people of Maghreb origin, 34 men, a woman and a minor. All of them were also transferred to Arguineguín, where they landed at 11:40 p.m. and in good health, details 112.


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