Saturday, April 1

New university professors will have to take a teacher training course

The new Minister for Universities, Joan Subirats, explained when he arrived at the Ministry that he wanted to take some time to make the project for the Organic Law of the University System (LOSU) his own. He already has a first idea: university professors will have to take a teacher training course the first year of access to campus, when they are doctor’s assistants.

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Subirats announced it this afternoon at the gates of Congress, minutes before explaining to the Universities Commission the general lines that will guide his actions during the remaining year and a half of his term. Subirats explained to the deputies that his idea is to correct the “anomaly” that in Spain it is necessary to train in teaching methodologies to teach classes at any stage, from Infant to higher Vocational Training modules, but not at the University, where So far there are no requirements or checks on the ability of teachers to teach. “I want the University to stop being an exception”, he explained.

Subirats explained that the idea is yet to materialize in form and substance, but that it will be a one-year course during the first of the six years that a doctor’s assistant contract contemplates. The intention of Universities is not to “put a burden” on teachers, the minister has detailed, but rather that there is some type of initial training. In principle, sources from the Ministry have detailed, it is not a course that has to be approved or suspended.

The greatest specificity about the details of this initiative is that the minister’s idea is that the teaching training and innovation units that practically all universities already have are in charge of providing this training. Subirats has not explained if it will be a single course for the entire country or if it will depend on each community or even each university.

Subirats explained that this proposal comes from his own experience at the University, where he has been practicing for 47 years, and that it advances the idea of ​​reinforcing the importance of teaching over research. “The teaching aspect in universities must be reinforced, they cannot be academies in which only teaching is important, but neither can they be laboratories where the only important thing is research”, he explained. The Ministry wants to have the LOSU approved during the first quarter of 2023.