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New Year: the world celebrates in silence because of omicron | Digital Trends Spanish

Many corners of the planet have already welcomed the new year, however, once again the celebrations have been colored by the coronavirus pandemic.

On this occasion, the rise in the number of infections due to the omicron variant has made the celebrations more measured, if compared to a “normal” year.

New Zealand was one of the first territories to welcome the year 2022. This country organized a discreet light show that was projected on the most important monuments of Auckland, among them the Sky Tower and the Harbor Bridge.

New Zealand. Getty Images

This celebration replaced the traditional fireworks display that took place even before the COVID-19 pandemic. This change is due to the fact that, for the second consecutive year, the authorities wanted to avoid crowds.

Australia, for its part, also put on a quieter show than in previous years. Anyway, the oceanic nation organized a small event where fireworks were launched from the pier bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

Australia. Getty Images

The authorities estimated that the number of attendees who came to witness the show was much lower than in other versions, when about a million people were registered in the city center.

Hours before the arrival of the new year, the Australian health authorities had reported a record of infections, which reached 32 thousand new cases, many of them in Sydney.

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In Seoul, authorities canceled the bell ringing ceremony in the wake of the increase in contagion cases. Instead, the organizers will broadcast a video recorded of this year’s ceremony on television and on the internet.

Finally, China also decided to cancel its events, including a major light show on the Huangpu River in central Shanghai.

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