Sunday, October 2

New York authorities charge Salman Rushdie’s alleged attacker with attempted murder

Authorities in New York charged Hadi Matar, the alleged perpetrator of the stabbing of writer Salman Rushdie, with attempted murder and assault on Saturday and remains in custody without bail. Of the young man, 24 years old, there are not many details beyond the fact that he lives in the neighboring state of New Jersey and it is also unknown what motivated him to attack the author of the novel the satanic verseswho survives with assisted respiration.

Salman Rushdie, three decades under death threat

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“We have been in contact with our counterparts in New Jersey, where the attacker is from, to share information and help them help us better understand the planning and preparation that preceded the attack so that we and the various agencies involved can determine what other charges , if applicable, they must be enforced, ”said the Chautauqua County Prosecutor’s Office, in northern New York, according to local media, reports EFE.

“We will try to be as transparent as we can without compromising the case,” the Prosecutor’s Office also said.

Rushdie was stabbed Friday on stage at an upstate educational institution shortly before he was to give a lecture. Hadi Matar was identified by the authorities as the aggressor and arrested at the same place.

After the attack, the writer was taken to a hospital in Pennsylvania, where he survives with assisted breathing.

Rushdie had been facing a death sentence since 1989, when Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa condemning the publication of his book Satanic Verses, considered blasphemous for its criticism of Islam.