Friday, January 21

New York to implement GPS tracking on school buses | Digital Trends Spanish

In New York City, a tracking system will soon be deployed that will reveal the exact location of school buses transporting children to and from schools.

The system will be managed by the company Via Transportation and the first stages of the project will begin during the last quarter of 2022. And for this, its own software developed by Via will be installed on the classic yellow buses, which is based on information obtained from a GPS. .

Through this system, parents of schoolchildren will be able to find out where the bus is at a specific time of the trip, using a specific application for mobile phones. And likewise, vehicle drivers will be able to optimize their routes in the event of traffic problems.

According Axios, a similar system is already in operation in the state of California, although implemented by another company and with the use of a QR code that students scan when getting on or off the bus. And so far the results have been positive, delivering useful, real-time information to parents.

Particularly in New York, one of the objectives of the authorities is not only to give greater comfort to all who use the system, but also to save money. The city’s budget for school transportation reaches $ 1.4 billion per year and it is expected that thanks to technology, some savings can be achieved.

On the other hand, a monitoring system of this type also raises some concerns regarding the privacy of users – in this case, children and adolescents traveling on buses – and cyber surveillance.

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