Monday, March 4

News roundup: TOP 6 of the crypto world

A week with very important and in some cases disconcerting events in the crypto world. By the way, in the highlight of the week we have: “Meta arrives in Brazil to register Bitcoin and crypto services”.

It is for this reason that we show you a brief summary of the most outstanding crypto news of the week, so that you do not miss any data.

In fact, they are presented in summary form. In this way, readers are kept abreast of the most relevant events of the week. Among the most prominent news in the crypto world space, these headlines stand out:

  1. Meta arrives in Brazil to register Bitcoin and crypto services.
  2. Binance lands in Spain by submitting its application to be a crypto service provider.
  3. McLaren NFTs are now available on the new NFT Marketplace.
  4. The adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America advances.
  5. Binance supports the regulation of Bitcoin in Russia.
  6. MP in Belgium becomes the first European politician to accept a salary in Bitcoin.

TOP 6 del mundo crypto

Meta arrives in Brazil to register Bitcoin and crypto services

To begin with, Meta filed a trademark registration with Brazil’s National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) on January 25. To design, develop and provide hardware and software for various Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related services. And, it is currently awaiting opposition prior approval of the INPI.

Binance lands in Spain by submitting its application to be a crypto service provider

Meanwhile, Binance makes its landing in the European country official by submitting its registration request to the Bank of Spain. This with the aim of being a cryptocurrency service provider in the country. Emphasizing their willingness to follow the regulations of the regulators.

«In Spain, several million people dedicate part of their time daily to Blockchain technology and crypto assets», commented Alberto Ortiz, Country Head of Binance for Iberia.

McLaren NFTs are now available on the new NFT Marketplace

Meanwhile, fans of the McLaren Racing Collective can now secure a Golf-themed MCL35M. The NFT Marketplace is collaborating with McLaren on this NFT exploration.

Specifically, Sweet launched a user-to-user NFT Marketplace. This gave fans exclusive access to the second installment of NFTs from McLaren Racing Collective.

Indeed, Sweet CEO Tom Mizzone says McLaren Racing Collective’s first NFT promotion has received a lot of attention.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies advances in Latin America

So, Latin America has become one of the regions, which increasingly adopts cryptocurrencies. Where, its main attraction is the remittance market, without leaving aside the increase in ATMs, the incursion of digital currencies in financial entities. Also, the acquisition of credits backed in cryptocurrencies, for example:

  • The legalization of operations with cryptocurrencies in El Salvador.
  • The bill that is being processed in the Chilean parliament, which aims to recognize and regulate cryptocurrencies in that country. This regulation was presented by Deputy Karim Bianchi.
  • The discussion of the bill that takes place in the Senate of Paraguay. To legalize Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender.
  • In the Senate of Brazil, the bill 230/15 has already been approved.
  • The Argentine Parliament is currently working on the regulation of digital currencies.

Binance Supports Bitcoin Regulation in Russia

En particular, Binance, ha voiced its interest in operating in Russia, adhering to all the necessary regulations for that purpose. This, within the framework of the possible regulations that will be implemented in the Asian country.

In this regard, Glob Kostarev, director of Binance for Europe, assured that the exchange hopes that, once a regulation is established, this country will provide greater growth for the Bitcoin ecosystem in the region.

MP in Belgium becomes the first European politician to accept a salary in Bitcoin

Right away, Christophe De Beukelaer, a deputy in Belgium became the country’s first politician to to accept a salary in Bitcoin. The parliamentarian hopes his move will inspire other politicians in the region to show a similar interest in the nascent technology.

In reality, the Brussels parliamentarian’s monthly salary of EUR 5,500 will be converted to Bitcoin using the Bit4You crypto trading platform.

As a way of closing, so that you don’t miss any details about what is happening in the crypto world, expand on these and other crypto news through our main page.

I say goodbye with this phrase from Kim Dotcom: «Bitcoin is a very exciting development, it could lead to a world currency. I think over the next decade it will become one of the most important ways to pay for things and transfer assets.».