Monday, December 4

Neymar buys 2 NFTs for R$ 6 million

Twitter Blue is a paid version of Twitter that allows users to have different advantages and features and recently the social network announced one that caught a lot of attention: Now Twitter Blue users will be able to use NFTs as a profile picture.

According to an official announcement by the Twitter Blue Lab the service will allow users to connect their wallets and the NFTs will be displayed in an image as a profile picture.

When using the new feature, your Twitter account will be associated with your public cryptocurrency wallet address. With this, the platform will have access to the history of transactions and coins stored in the wallet, including all NFTs in the address.

The platform points out that this is information that is already public on the blockchain and can be verified on any platform, it is not taking anything that is not already common knowledge.

Twitter Blue Labs also makes it clear that the platform will never request any value from the cryptocurrency wallet and that the user must always remain vigilant and verify all requests for access to their wallet. In addition, the platform never asked for the private key or the seed phrase.

Another interesting detail that draws attention is that the platform will store the public address to continue checking if the NFT that the person leaves on the profile still belongs to them.

At the moment, only Twitter Blue members on the IOS app can use NFTs in their profile picture, but the image can be seen on all platforms. And speaking of Twitter and NFTs, it seems that some big names liked the idea of ​​using NFTs in their profile picture, as was the case with Neymar.

For now, Twitter Blue remains an experimental idea, only available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for now.