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Neymar Jr. accepts the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Deston Rise challenge | Digital Trends Spanish

As part of the Association of Neymar Jr. with PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS by KRAFTON, Inc.the international soccer superstar and his squad will participate in the “Deston Rise” live streaming event on August 3 from 8:30-10:00am PST, in order to measure the skills of his team against other partners of PUBG on the recently released Deston map.

In addition to broadcasting the event live through the official Twitch channel of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, Neymar Jr. will participate in various face-to-face activities to influence certain rules of the Deston Rise challenges, such as what items Neymar Jr. will be able to use and what other squads will or cannot use.

Throughout the Deston Rise event, Neymar Jr. and his squad will participate in two different challenges: “Neymar Jr. Squad vs All: Defense of the Inn” for two games and “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS BR Match” for one game. Throughout the challenges, Neymar Jr. will be able to show off his soccer skills to potentially turn the tide of the duels he encounters.

Squad of Neymar Jr. vs All: Defense of the inn

The first challenge will be Neymar Jr.’s squad against everyone and Neymar Jr.’s objective will be to defend the point of interest (POI) of the inn in Deston. The challenge will be played on TPP with Neymar Jr.’s squad against seven other squads of PUBG partner players. Neymar Jr.’s squad will only be able to loot the inn’s POI and the objective is simple: defend the inn with at least one of the squad members alive. The challenge will last two games and these are the rules:

  • Neymar Jr. and his squad will only be able to loot the inn.
  • All other streamer partners will be allowed to loot anywhere else in Deston.
  • The only weapons allowed will be – 1) Punch, 2) Crossbow and 3) Pistols.
  • You will have complete freedom to use tactical gear, as well as health and boost items.
  • The blue area will be modified to focus on the inn.
  • There will be a face-to-face activity with a goal that Neymar Jr. can use to spawn wanted weapons/items on the map.


The second and final challenge will incorporate the regular battle royale format from PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS battle royale – but with a twist. Neymar Jr.’s squad and seven other PUBG partner squads will drop in Deston with these rules triggered by a match:

  • Only Tier 1 gear (Helmet/Backpack/Vest) will spawn in Deston.
  • There will be a face-to-face activity with a goal that Neymar Jr. can use to get weapons or to put other PUBG partner squads at a disadvantage (the weapons/items that can or cannot be used).

Throughout the broadcast, viewers watching through the official PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Twitch channel will be able to receive special rewards through a giveaway run by Neymar Jr. and PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Tune in to the Twitch channel on August 3rd for a chance to win! Also, the live broadcast can be seen from the official Neymar Jr. page on Facebook Gaming.

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