Saturday, March 2

NFL: Tom Brady and the oldest quarterbacks in history

A Legacy Within NFL ended this day when the quarterback Tom Brady terminated his presence on the professional grid, after 22 seasons and seven Super Bowl conquered throughout its history.

At 44 years old, that ‘little guy’ who was born in Saint Matthew, California and who dreamed of becoming a professional player, left his name in gold letters within the sport of the ovoid, so at his age, which was somewhat questioned by some athletes, they were amazed by his physical, mental and spiritual strength.

Players of the stature of Brett Favre, Drew Brees, Vinny Testaverde, John Nesser, among others, broke the myth that sport has an age to retire, since all of them were professional soldiers over 40 years of age.

That is why here we leave a little about these ‘gladiators’ of the grid:

Brett Favre

His debut in the NFL was carried out in 1991 with the team of the Atlanta Falcons, where he was only one season, because for his next year, the Green Bay Packers made of his services where he was able to conquer his only Super Bowl (XXXI).

After his time with the ‘cheeseheads’, the New York Jets They opened a space for him in their squad, but it only lasted a year, so his retirement was with the group of Minnesota Vikings, a franchise that offered him to play for two years so that, in 2010, he would retire at the age of 42 years, 2 months and 20 days as an active player.

Drew Brees

Legend with the set of New Orleands Saints after conquering the Vince Lombardi of the edition XLIV, Brees he retired last year with an age no less interesting than 42 years, one month and 20 days active.

That magical night when he arrived at the super sunday they awarded the prize to Most valuable Player, after a 20-year career and a total of 13 Pro Bowls.

Vinny Testaverde

Wow the story of Testaverde is one of the most striking in the sport, because he has been one of the few players who, despite not having a single appearance in a Super Bowl, left his name written in golden letters by defending seven different shields within the NFL.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1987-1992), Cleveland Browns (1993-1995), Baltimore Ravens (1996-1997), New York Jets (1998-2003), Dallas Cowboys (2004), New England Patriots (2006) and Carolina Panthers (2007).

After his debut in 1987, Vinny Testaverde hung up his helmet after 21 active years at the age of 44 years, one month and 17 days, with a couple of Pro Bowls in your history.

Tom Brady

The top winner of Super Bowl in history with seven trophies in hand, Tom Brady, will be remembered, not only for his achievements, moments that dirty his records, his leadership on the grid; but also because of the physique he had at 44 years old, six months and the day he decided to close his chapter on the gridiron.

One of the greatest glories of the ball decided to put on his boots to dedicate himself to his family and look for a life outside of the sport that saw him grow up, although that will be complicated, since talking about the NFL without commenting on this legend is simply not recognizing that he has been the best.

George Blanda

It’s time to unravel the longest-serving quarterback as a professional player: George Blanda. The veteran player had the opportunity to break all kinds of statistics in terms of age, because despite the fact that the years passed, he never gave up and managed to hang up his helmet until his body told him ‘up to here’.

After 26 years (1949-1975), Mix never put aside that dream of conquering a Vince Lombardi, but to his misfortune he did not succeed despite being a military man with equipment of the stature of Chicago Bears (1949; 1950-1958), Indianapolis Colts (1950), Tennessee Titans (Oilers) (1960-1966) and Raiders de Oakland (today Las Vegas) (1967-1975).