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Niantic Launches Augmented Reality Platform for the Metaverse | Digital Trends Spanish

Niantic, the company behind Pokemon go, is launching its own platform called Niantic Lightship, which will be used to build applications for the Facebook Metaverse (now Meta).

While much of what surrounds the Metaverse has to do with virtual reality, what Niantic is building is mainly focused on augmented reality. And this makes perfect sense, since Niantic has built one of the most successful applications in the last decade around augmented reality.

Lightship is focused on any developer who needs a set of creation tools specific to augmented reality. According to the company, Lightship is the basis of the products that they have created themselves, and that in addition to the popular game of Pokemon also includes Transformers: Heavy Metal or Pikmin Bloom, both titles also augmented reality.

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In addition to providing a technology platform, Niantic is creating a $ 20 million investment fund that they will use to support other studios, whose applications for the Metaverse “share our vision and contribute to the global ecosystem we are creating.”

That vision of Niantic is not something minor, since the spirit of the company revolves around building applications that allow people to continue to maintain relationships in the real world, such as Pokémon Go. And according to the founder of Niantic himself, the Metaverse in virtual reality format does not seem “the best of realities.”

“We believe that we can make technology move towards augmented reality”, they write in Niantic, “Motivating that we can all go out, walk and connect with the people and the world around us.”

Lightship is already available and is free for all developers, although some specific options will be paid.

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