Saturday, September 25

Nightmares and dungeons



The IMF gave the regime of Daniel Ortega (read dictatorship) 353.5 million dollars to alleviate the economic effects of the Covid. It is difficult to understand how the most powerful financial body on the planet protects a subject with bloodstained hands, who never tires of putting any politician in prison who could overshadow him in that parody of the elections he is preparing.

Yanine Áñez, the Andean iron lady, is being consumed by Bolivian dungeons. The former president who tried to put order in the country, after the 2019 fraud at the polls and the subsequent flight of Evo Morales (first to Mexico and then to Argentina) suffers the revenge of those who returned to power, thanks

to the elections that she organized cleanly. The ruling party speaks of self-injury with some “scratches” on one of his arms. The rest of one tried to open his veins. Her lawyers denounce the prison system for deliberately administering drugs that cause depression and even paranoia. Some 25 former Ibero-American presidents, grouped in IDEA (Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas) demand their release. Among others, Laura Chinchilla, José María Aznar, Mireya Moscoso, Eduardo Frei, Mauricio Macri, Álvaro Uribe and Carlos Mesa.

The Government of Pedro Castillo seems to be willing to fight not to crumble and change the corroded bricks with which he built his campaign and this incipient cabinet. The president of the hat showed the exit door to Héctor Bejar, the chancellor who apologized for the Shining Path and opened the main door of that Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to Oscar Maurtua de Romaña, a position he held with the liberal Alejandro Toledo. With too many ministers accused of corruption and of having ties to terrorism, Castillo seems to sense that his days are numbered if he does not hurry to unburden them and above all, the chief of staff, Guido Bellido and his shadow patron, Vladimir. Cerrón.

Argentina say that “Alberto does not sleep.” With what you have on top, next to and below, the truth is, it is not surprising.

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