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Nintendo 64 games come to the Switch with problems | Digital Trends Spanish

The Big N released the Nintendo 64 games on its Nintendo Switch Online service and so far the results have been less positive than many people expected. Some titles came with various bugs and inconsistencies in various areas, so they can’t even be played properly.

Such is the case of Sin and Punishment, which has a significant drawback when played with the original Nintendo Switch controls, which have four buttons on the front and not six like those on the original Nintendo 64 controller. Therefore, the action of shooting and moving towards the right is impossible, unless you use an N64 control for the Switch that is sold separately.

Other games have less crucial problems, but just as striking. An analysis of the channel Modern Vintage Gamer reveals that the Nintendo 64 emulator developed internally by Nintendo is less accurate than others created by third parties, which translates into the images below of Ocarina of Time, which on the Switch looks worse than the original version.

Ocarina of Time

N64 vs Wii VC vs Switch

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Other user complaints have to do with questions as simple as the fact that in Mario Kart 64 ghosts cannot be saved in time trials, for which the original title used a memory accessory called Controller Pak that was connected to the control.

And when trying to save in the version of Nintendo Switch Online, this simply cannot be, since no system was implemented that allows to move the use of the Controller Pak to the internal storage of the console.

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To round off the complications of these games, everything indicates that the online system is not entirely polished. For multiplayer via the internet, a synchronization method is used that, in case of connection problems, freezes the game for everyone until the user with the slowest connection synchronizes with the rest. And this causes the experience to be interrupted, in addition to presenting some audio problems.

It is to be expected that Nintendo will make the necessary adjustments to these games, especially if it is taken into account that the price of the service is a bit expensive in general. Also, some emulators developed by various fans give better results than that created by the Great N.

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