Wednesday, September 27

Nintendo debuts the folder function on its Switch console | Digital Trends Spanish

With the appearance of version 14.0.0 of its firmware, a functionality to create folders debuts in the interface of the Nintendo Switch console. It’s called Groups and it’s meant to help organize the software your users store on the device.

Creating groups for different game genres, developers, or whatever you want to organize can make it easier to find the app you need. Up to 100 groups can be created with a maximum of 200 titles per group, she detailed.

First of all, it is necessary to have the latest version of the firmware. Then go to home and select the new All Software menu (upper right corner). Later, press the L button to see the software by groups.

The first time you create a group, explains Nintendo’s support site, a pop-up appears where you can select Create New Group. After the procedure, it will only be necessary to click on the + button to create another new group.

You can check all the software titles you want to add to the new group and then click Next. After rearranging the software titles to suit each one, they must press Next. The final steps are to enter a name for the group, press OK and the new group will have been added to the Gruops list.

With the version 14.0.0, also added a feature whereby you can adjust the volume of Bluetooth audio devices using the console or through their volume control buttons. On some devices, the maximum volume output has also been increased, Nintendo detailed.

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