Friday, September 24

Nintendo Releases New Gameplay Trailer for Metroid Dread | Digital Trends Spanish

Nintendo released a new trailer for Metroid Dread, the next big game in the legendary franchise Metroid which will arrive on Nintendo Switch next October.

The video serves as a good summary of what to expect as this saga returns to its 2D roots. In certain sections, the action looks quite frantic, a feeling that is increased thanks to its artistic direction with many contrasts in general.

In addition, what seems to be the main enemy of this game is introduced, the nemesis of Samus Aran who can be seen in the first seconds.

It is worth remembering that Metroid It started as a dark 2D scouting title in the 80s on the classic NES. Then it would come Super metroid that somehow represents the culminating point of the franchise in the traditional style and it would not be until Metroid Prime when there was a radical change: said trilogy changed the lateral movement for a game in perspective in the first person.

Despite the success of Prime, Nintendo always seems to want to remember that the DNA of Metroid it’s in 2D games. This would explain that, while waiting for the fourth part of the saga in the first person, games like Metroid: Other M and a remake from Metroid II, titled Samus Returns. All these titles have been in 2D code and based mainly on exploration in the original style.

Metroid Dread in general it has been well received by the fans, waiting for what is the future Metroid Prime 4. For now, the new Metroid It will be available on the Switch from October 8 and aims to be one of the great releases of Nintendo for this close of 2021.

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