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Nintendo Says Goodbye to Wii U and 3DS Online Stores | Digital Trends Spanish

Nintendo announced that in March 2023 it will close the digital stores of the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U consoles.

in a statementthe company explained that prior to the closure of both stores, it will give a grace period for the players of each platform to acquire the titles of their choice.

According to Nintendo, as of May 23, 2022, it will not be possible to use a credit card to add funds to make purchases in the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS eShop.

As of August 29, it will not be possible to add funds with Nintendo pre-attached cards to the same stores.

However, Nintendo said that players who have codes will be able to exchange them until March 2023.

Nintendo stressed that although the stores will go offline in March 2023, players who have content tied to their accounts will still be able to download it to their Wii U and 3DS consoles “for the foreseeable future.”

After the announcement, several fans expressed their disappointment because, they point out, deactivating the Wii U and 3DS stores eliminates the possibility of acquiring hundreds of video games from Nintendo consoles and others, such as Sega or PC Engine.

Part of the annoyance is that Nintendo currently offers the option to play several of its classic games through the Switch Online subscription system, which is required to play titles online on the Switch console. However, the company said it has no future plans to offer call options for this class of securities.

“We think it’s an effective way to make classic content available to a wide range of players,” Nintendo said in a Q&A post regarding the closure of its digital stores.

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