Sunday, October 2

Nintendo’s Doug Bowser Responds to Sexual Harassment Accusations | Digital Trends Spanish

A special report delivered by the Kotaku siteuncovered a series of accusations of sexual harassment reported by several women in relation to the game tester program of nintendo america.

It speaks in particular and begins with the testimony of a woman identified as Aerotek who maintains that she quit her job because she felt that her workplace did not adequately protect her from sexually inappropriate behavior by men.

The ten women interviewed told a story of a corporate culture where sexist behavior was common, and very little action was taken to address it.

An example: “There was a man [empleado a tiempo completo] who constantly made jokes and very rude comments, but was the friend of everyone who was there. Everybody loved him,” said a woman identified as Hannah. «I and other employees did not like that it was said. But we didn’t say anything because if you did, they called you too sensitive.”

What Doug Bowser said:

“We have strict policies designed to protect our employees and associates from inappropriate conduct and we expect full compliance with these policies from everyone who works for or with us. We have investigated and will always investigate any allegations of which we become aware, and are actively investigating these most recent claims.

Remember that our human resources teams are here to support you. If you experience, have experienced, witness or have witnessed any such behavior that is contrary to our Standards of Conduct, employee handbook or company values, please contact your HR business partner immediately. ».

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