Friday, January 21

Nissan’s national supplier to add 400 new jobs

The initiative is part of the investment of 130 million dollars that Nissan had announced in August of last year, with the aim of continuing to incorporate the highest technology available for the Frontier truck produced at the Santa Isabel plant in the capital, and to integrate suppliers premises for import substitution.

The announcement of the investment was made yesterday by Governor Juan Schiaretti during the signing of an agreement with Lear managers, in San Francisco, within the framework of an integration plan for components being carried out by Nissan, which were previously produced in Brazil. and will be made at the Lear metalworking plant from 2023.

The provincial government supports the initiative with tax exemptions, subsidies for labor and electricity consumption, it was reported.

José Scigliano, head of the Lear branch, said “very happy to have the support of the provincial government and to be able to contribute to the local economy to support the community and their families with jobs”.

For his part, the president of Nissan, Gonzalo Ibarzabal, stressed that for the company this project had begun to move forward some time ago and in that sense he remarked that “predictability and long-term measures are fundamental for us.”

And finally he stressed that it aims to “generate a business with sustainability.”