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NIU presents its sportiest electric scooter to date: mid-engine and up to 110 km / h

NIU has just presented new electric scooters in Milan at the Milan Motorcycle Show. Among them is the NIU RQi Sport, a small sporty cut scooter capable of exceeding 100 km / h and with a launch mode reminiscent of sportier vehicles.

What’s New from NIUI for 2022

NIU has made some of its new electric motorcycles official. The most striking is the NIU RQi Sport, a model with a design far removed from the classic aesthetics of scooters and closer to that of a small sports naked. It has a central motor with 5 kW of power and two removable batteries of 72v and 32Ah. The autonomy of this model is around 100 kilometers.

Its maximum speed is 110 km / h and has, curiously, with launch mode. This is a mode that offers greater acceleration, something relatively similar to what we find in some sports cars. The price of this motorcycle is 6,999 euros and will go on sale in early 2022.

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Another of the models presented is the MQi GT EVO, a scooter that mounts the same 5 kW motor (instead of the central one, at the rear), although in this case with a 72v 26Ah battery, promising up to 85 kilometers of autonomy according to the manufacturer. Its price is 4,999 euros and it will also arrive in Spain in 2022.


Along with these electric motorcycles, NIU has also wanted to renew its range of scooters, with the KQi2 Pro and KQi3 MAX, of which there are not too many details beyond their design and maximum speed of 25 km / h and 35 km / h, respectively. They are also expected in 2022, with a price of 499 euros for the slower model and an undisclosed price for the KQi3 Max.

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All NIU mopeds and motorcycles will come with a prepaid Vodafone card, with which we can connect to the NIU application. This app allows you to update devices, access information related to anti-theft, remote monitoring, diagnostics and more.

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