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No, a foreign minor has not beaten up “a gay man in Pontevedra” shouting “no homosexuals”

“Urgent, a mena beats a gay man shouting ‘no homosexuals'”. With this message, an alert has been spread through Twitter of an alleged homophobic aggression that occurred in Pontevedra, which falsely links with an unaccompanied foreign minor. The dissemination of this message has coincided in time with the protests unleashed after the fatal beating suffered by Samuel, a young homosexual, in A Coruña. It is not the only hoax that seeks to attack migrant citizens in recent weeks accusing them of committing attacks against the LGTBI collective.

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“A Maghrebian attacks the president of the gay community of Mula and the media silence the aggressor’s nationality,” says another of the messages that misinformers have circulated to link migration with homophobia. They don’t just employ this strategy. The misinformers also point out through false attacks allegedly committed by migrants and LGTBI people, such as the hoax that ensures that a Moroccan homosexual couple raped a minor in Seville, disseminated in July 2019, and that it has once again moved in networks as real .

No, a “mena” has not hit “a gay man in Pontevedra”

Coinciding with the protests on social networks over the fatal beating of Samuel in A Coruña, a message was released stating that an unaccompanied migrant minor had attacked “a gay man in Pontevedra shouting ‘no homosexuals'”. This is the message that the Twitter account shared The Punctual 24h in a tweet, without giving details of where or when it would have happened. However, it is a hoax that both the National Police and the Local Police of Pontevedra deny.

The Pontevedra National Police force assures that they have no “record” of any attack on a homosexual person in the last few days in Pontevedra and affirms that the only assault of these characteristics that is known is “the one that occurred in A Coruña” , in relation to Samuel’s beating.

From the Local Police of Pontevedra they affirm that neither from this body have they acted against an attack of these characteristics and they point out that there is no record of any complaint. Nor has any local or national media reported a similar event in recent days.

No, “two Moroccan homosexuals” did not rape a child at Gay Pride in Seville.

Identifying migrants as perpetrators of attacks on homosexual people is not the only strategy used by those who misinform about these groups. “Two Moroccan homosexuals rape a 12-year-old boy in the Gay Pride of Seville,” says another of the contents that have been circulating for years on social networks. This hoax has been shared again in the months of June and July, coinciding with the claims and marches of the LGTBI collective, despite having been denied in 2019, the first time it was disseminated.

In this content, published for the first time by the Planeta Actualidad website, it is stated that “the facts have already been reported to the Police.” However, from the Seville National Police they claimed not to have evidence of this alleged aggression and claimed not to have received “any complaint” related to it, contrary to what the published content defended. Also from the Seville City Council they indicated that there was no evidence that “these events occurred in the city.”

Not only have these institutions denied the facts. Neither the Delegation of the Government of Andalusia nor the Subdelegation of the Government in Seville had evidence that two Moroccan homosexual men raped a 12-year-old boy in the Gay Pride of Seville in 2019, as stated in the original content.

A “Maghreb” has not attacked “the president of the gay community” in Mula.

“A Maghreb attacks the president of the Mula gay community and the media silence the aggressor’s nationality.” It was the owner of a web content Mediterranean Digital in which the aggression of Juan Antonio Hernández, president of the collective Diversimulates LGTBIQ +, with immigration. Again, it was a hoax.

This aggression took place in Mula (Murcia) on August 25, 2019 when Hernández was leaving a nightclub and, according to publish The Truth, a man attacked him after insulting him using the word “fag”. However, the aggressor, contrary to what the content that was disseminated affirms, was a man born in Spain and of Spanish nationality, as confirmed by the Murcia Civil Guard. This was also confirmed by Hernández himself, who assured that the aggressor was Spanish. In addition, the Diversimula LGTBIQ + collective published on September 3, 2019 a statement in order to “clarify and report the information published” by Mediterranean Digital to deny that the alleged aggressor was of “Maghreb nationality”.

From the La Piñuela nightclub, near where the attack took place, they have also denied that the aggressor was “Maghreb” and affirmed that the aggressor came from Mula, “from the same town.”

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