Friday, December 8

No ERC minister will attend the Diada demonstration organized by the ANC

After the announcement, last Friday, that Pere Aragonés would not attend the Diada demonstration organized by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), relations between the pro-independence entity and ERC have become tense.

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The scuffle, barely five days into the Diada, has evolved to the point that none of the ERC ministers will attend the ANC demonstration, as anticipated Digital was born and has been able to confirm

Republican sources have explained to this medium that they will be present at all the Diada acts, except for the ANC demonstration, due to the “exclusive profile” that has been given. Likewise, they have been open to reconsidering the decision if the organization rethinks the approach to mobilization.

In fact, the ERC has already asked the ANC to rethink the demonstration because, according to what it says, it goes against a large part of the independence movement. So much so that the leader of the party, Oriol Junqueras, has come to affirm that this demonstration “is exclusive”.

These considerations are made in reference to this year’s call, which no longer wants to do “beautiful things”, but “efficient things”, as explained at a press conference by the entity itself, which also insisted that the mobilization would be a tool of pressure on the matches: “We have hit rock bottom. If independence is not done by the parties, we will do it,” said Esther Güell, a member of the ANC secretariat, referring to civil society.