Tuesday, December 7

No more always talking to an answering machine: they approve the right to be attended by a person in customer service

Talking to a natural person in customer service is already a right. The Government has approved the Customer Service Law, which regulates the fact that consumers we can be attended by a human and not by an answering machine.

Answering machines can still be used, but all companies with more than 250 workers They must respond with “natural persons”, according to the text of the draft law approved by the Council of Ministers.

A law to receive “human” care

Answering machines allow you to save budget and automate certain tasks for which a human is not necessary. However, it is also very common that the questions asked by that answering machine are not enough to solve what we need and we ended up asking to speak to a person. This process, which forces us to invest a lot of time, will change with the entry of the future law.

As described by Isabel Rodríguez, Minister of Territorial Policy and Government spokesperson, the future law “proclaims the right to be cared for by a natural person and not by a robot.”

It doesn’t mean that answering machines are going to run out, but calls made to certain customer service numbers of the company must be answered by a human. That is, companies will be obliged to offer a customer service number where the answer is that of a person.

What companies will be obliged? All those with more than 250 employees, a business of more than 50 million euros or a balance of more than 43 million euros. That is, those large companies that usually have thousands of customers and receive numerous calls.

The future law also contemplates limits on phone wait times, the prohibition to refer to numbers that are not free and a period of one month will be established to answer customer complaints. Additionally, the law will prohibit taking advantage of this time to make offers, unless they are directly related to the complaint.

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