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No more singles: city in China creates a municipal Tinder | Digital Trends Spanish

In Luanzhou, China, the authorities want to help singles residing in the city so that they can find a partner. And for this, nothing like creating a Tinder, but in a municipal version.

According to the newspaper The PaperWhat the authorities in Luanzhou, in the Hebei province, north of China, do is create a gigantic database of all the single people in the city. In this list, singles and young people who want to can add data such as gender, age, work, family or economic situation in order to help others to organize dates or even get married.

In addition to creating this list, the local government will support the initiative by organizing large virtual parties that function as a massive event in which people can meet and, with some luck, find their better half. These parties started in 2021 and will continue in 2022.

Now, what in theory is a good intention on the part of the Chinese government, does not seem to be so well received by all the people who are part of the target audience. Mainly because some users – according to reports Vice– They believe that this is nothing more than a bad idea to try to reverse the consequences of another bad idea, such as limiting the number of children that families could have.

The problem for China is that the pandemic severely limited people’s interactions in face-to-face settings, which in turn hampers the government-level initiative to increase the number of families and, consequently, the birth rate.

The latter could also help reduce the gap in the number of men and women born in the country, whose current difference is almost 40 million in favor of the male gender.

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