Saturday, March 2

No one sees it, but everyone feels it… and resents it

PASSED LIKE A YEAR and a half working from his home office. Now, still vaccinated, Alejandro Gertz Manero He already attends in his office on the 21st floor of the Glorieta Insurgentes Tower.

But he continues to keep himself as isolated as possible, taking strict care of his person under measures that go beyond normal hygiene and recommended safety protocols.

The office of the Attorney General of the Republic must be kept at a constant temperature and has different spaces enabled to move and always receive the sun. No one can walk past his office if he’s there.

You always have a mat at your feet to avoid contact with the cold floor. He hates drinkers and smokers, not only by forbidding them to do so in front of him, but he does not tolerate the smell of alcohol or tobacco from anyone who approaches him.

He also doesn’t like it when people wear beards because it looks “dirty.” And he has no qualms about expressing his annoyance at any of his animosities.

He is probably the only high-ranking federal government official in this administration, and in the last 20 years, who does not have a cell phone. No, it is not that it is restricted by security.

He doesn’t use a cell phone. Impossible, then, a call or a message on Whatsapp. From their office they are in charge of linking it to wherever they find it, almost always their home.

After three of nine years in office, his term will end in 2028 at 89 years of age. Gertz is clear that this is the last public office of his life, he is aware of his legacy as the first Attorney General of the Republic, the institution he is building, the results and actions as an autonomous entity for the administration of justice, although it seems from the media that his priorities were others.

A man of firm ideas and enough memory not to forgive, his thing has been to resolve the personal battles of his life, such as the one he has against the Mary Street Jenkins Foundation and his University of the Americas of Puebla (UDLAP). Or the one related to the death of his brother Federico, both cases with several years behind and that have turned in favor since he is head of the FGR.

Even his admission to the National System of Researchers (SNI) with level III, after the head of the National Council of Science and Technology, Maria Elena Alvarez-Buylla, created a special ruling commission to decide in his favor, when in 2010 he was rejected.

It could not be seen as a coincidence that in those days, the FGR was ridiculed, when the judicial authority refused to grant arrest warrants for money laundering and organized crime against 31 scientists and former Conacyt officials, an issue that, despite the setback, the federal public ministry has refused to determine the non-exercise of criminal action.

With the output of Santiago Grandson of the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF), Gertz was the big winner, getting rid of an enemy that was determined to overthrow him and relieve him as head of the FGR. From that mutual animosity, leaks still followed to damage the respective reputations.

The prosecutor mistakenly believes that the person responsible is the former Legal Adviser of the Presidency, his former friend Julio Scherer, against whom he has also launched a fierce hunt, trying to corner him with the statements, crooked by the way, of characters who approached him to solve their cases.

It was only in December that Gertz received Scherer in his office. He was accompanied by Jorge Carrasco, the editor of Proceso, to show that he was not behind the thundering reports against him. That meeting ended very badly and the bullying only intensified further.

Gertz has not made his wealth declaration public, so reports have abounded about his collection of luxury cars, businesses, bank accounts in tax havens or properties.

But they have made little dent in the Prosecutor, known for his extensive financial solvency that comes from his grandfather, Cornelius Gertz, German businessman and honorary consul of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in our country.

It is unfortunate, however, that the FGR seems to operate adrift, without results and actions that make a difference to the citizen of the change from the Attorney General’s Office to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, without further evolution, and that its head is better known for the scandals of his bitterness and personal lawsuits, as if it were the only thing he attended to.

ALBERTO BAILLERS LEAVES an almost unquantifiable legacy in many aspects of human activity and in the history of our country. One of them is the transformation of the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, ITAM, which since 1967 began the training of young university students with progressive, neoliberal and business interests and which became the cradle of technocrats. They say that from the best years of ITAM personalities emerged that also transformed Mexico, that took it to modernity and even the first world. It was the times of Carlos Salinas Y Ernest Zedillo, and then those of Vincent Fox Y Felipe CalderonAnd that time is over. Today, many of them are found on the clothesline, an ITAM blackboard considered the exhibiting organ of its own discredit, in which Jose Antonio Meade The Luis Videgaray, went from being rockstars to become legends that nobody wants to tell anymore. In the Red Square, the institute’s civic center, a lackluster ceremony was held yesterday in honor of Baillères, President of the Governing Board and owner of the institution. Today, his students will no longer have known him and will only know about him from other people. Today, the Itamite pride, of which its students and graduates boast so much, is also in mourning, not only for the death of its patron, but for the paths to which its authorities have taken them. Arthur Fernandez Y Alexander Hernandez, Rector and Vice Rector, have allowed ITAM’s great reputation to be questioned. Professors questioned for their business and professional activities, as well as for their morality and conduct; the unfortunate string of student suicides, and the failure to listen to the outrage of his community. ITAM is a necessary and strategic Mexican institution for the development of the country. Hopefully Alexander Bailleres, the heir, bang on the desk and prevent the deterioration of your prestige. For now, there are plenty of scandals to report: Fausto Molina, Andres Roemer, Pedro Salmeron and many more.

THE OUTPUT OF Juan Collado of the North Prison has been delayed because it has not been able to bring from Andorra the money that it promised to pay as reparation for the damage and thereby achieve a criterion of opportunity, which was offered by the same Prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero last year. Procedures in the Financial Intelligence Unit, the Tax Attorney’s Office and the National Banking and Securities Commission are hindering its release, largely due to the almost simultaneous departures of its previous owners: Santiago Nieto, Carlos Romero Aranda Y John Paul Graff. The former lawyer for characters with high political exposure, such as Enrique Pena Nieto Y Carlos Salinas of Gortari, should have left since December. It’s only a matter of days. In the National Palace they gave the green light. But the big question is, will Collado pay for his freedom with the money of third parties? About 2 billion pesos will be released by the Bank of Andorra, which is discussed in the FGR circles are of characters such as the leader of the oil union, Carlos Romero Deschamps; the former governors of Tamaulipas, Eugene Hernandez, and from Quintana Roo, Roberto Borge, and the ex-penya Secretary of Communications, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, among others. Could it be that they won’t even make a noise anymore and would rather write off their savings, as long as they don’t challenge the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador?

VOLTAGE IN THE Business Coordinating Council is what has been breathed since Thursday afternoon. And it seems that Charles Salazar, who will hand over the presidency in the first week of March, wants to raise his hand in advance to Francis Cervantes. With the argument that the former president of Concamín would already have secured five of the seven votes needed, the former director of Femsa would leave out of the race Forest of the Vega. This, which has the backing of the National Agricultural Council, which chairs John Curtain, and Coparmex, which leads José Medina Mora, hit the sky because the proselytism between cameras and associations was just beginning. The early morning is also not well seen in the CIRT, which had already had time for the candidates, Cervantes and Bosco, to present their respective platforms. It is said that behind this “anti-democratic plot” is the interest of looking good with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who sees in Cervantes a leader by way of a very different thing with De la Vega.

NOW WHAT FOR end the government of Pedro Sanchez gave the blessing to Quirino Ordaz, it is worth remembering that the political career of the future Mexican ambassador to Spain has been full of lucky breaks. Before being a PRI candidate for the Sinaloa government in 2015, no one was betting on him as the future president, except for one character: David Lopez, who was a spokesman for Enrique Pena Nieto in the first half of his six-year term. As a federal deputy and without the packaging to be governor, the communicator operated in favor of his then friend Quirino and betrayed his loyal traveling companion, Heriberto Galindowho believed he was the chosen one. It was not like that, David convinced Peña and managed to anoint the Mazatlan as a standard bearer. Ordaz ended up distancing himself from his promoter to make his own life and is now heading to Madrid, while López ended his career resentful of Peña Nieto and his closest circle, in particular with Luis Videgaray Y Aurelio Nuno, promoters of his departure from the Los Pinos Social Communication office.

RED FLASHES BEGIN to light up in Baja California. With just three months in office, an official from the governor’s team Marina del Pilar Avila attracts the attention of locals and strangers: its secretary of the Treasury, Marco Antonio Moreno Mexia. But especially in the center of the country and at Morena’s headquarters, the radar is on the president’s husband, Charles Torres Torres, a historic PAN militant who rose to prominence in the government of Felipe Calderon. And it is that this character is removing and putting contractors and suppliers of the new government. He is credited with appointing Moreno Mexía himself, an accountant who has a conflict of interest because Jaime Bonilla He hired him to restructure the state debt, a function for which he wanted to charge him 6% of the total amount, although he ended up accepting almost 2%. The contract was signed in December 2019 with his company Servicios Financieros Patrimoniales.