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“No problem!”: ALF’s successful return trip | Digital Trends Spanish

HBO Max brought back the most beloved alien on television. For a few weeks, all the chapters of alpha are available on the streaming platform, in addition to some special episodes.

This comedy series was born in 1986 and was originally broadcast on NBC until March 1990. In total there were four seasons and more than 100 episodes that followed the story of this furry alien from the planet Melmac and his uneventful arrival in the Tanner family.

The surprising thing about this story is that NBC was about to cancel the series, since its first chapters failed to excite the public very much. However, the studio decided to maintain production due to merchandising, as there were many products on the market with ALF’s face, such as toys, books, backpacks and even cereal boxes.

Thus, after many frustrated returns, the series finally landed on streaming and did it in a big way, since it has become one of the most played content on HBO Max.

The Tanner family, protagonist of the ALF series.

This is not something surprising; Nostalgia is an important factor when consuming some type of cultural product.

So see alpha It takes us to a different time, where television was also done in another way.

Through streaming, many have been able to rediscover their childhood afternoons in which they saw the long-snouted alien, but there may also be many new viewers who are just getting to know it, because the fiction created by Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco has the merit of passing several generations.

This is quite an achievement, especially for an unambitious family comedy starring an alien.

A scene from the popular sitcom ALF.

It is unlikely, for example, that after 30 years people still fondly remember the most successful series of the moment, such as the squid game or The Money Heist, despite all the resources available to these productions and all the dissemination campaign in their favour. ALF, on the other hand, will always be remembered.

This series has probably become popular because of its simplicity: an alien who learns something new about Earth every day through his relationship with people. In addition, its success also lies in the fact that many viewers were seduced by the family atmosphere and atmosphere inside the Tanner house.

Today, this fiction marks an important difference with the most current productions, where the story does not seem to be so important compared to the visual resources. In this way, it would not be strange for ALF to continue to be the most watched in streaming.

At a time when original ideas are scarce, HBO Max rescued a classic production that teaches us that it is possible to make television in another way and successfully endure several years.

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