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Nobody calls his daughter “Alexa” anymore because of Amazon | Digital Trends Spanish

Alexa was one of the most popular names for American-born girls. Until Amazon’s voice assistant with the same name appeared.

According to a publication by The Atlantic, hardly anyone names their daughters in this way since the company’s voice assistant appeared eight years ago, with the first Amazon Echo.

According to the article, it is one of the names that has suffered a steepest drop in popularity in recent times. Virtually no one names their daughters that way anymore.

The report stops at the case of Alexa Seary, a New Jersey woman who for a long time had to endure the jokes of her office colleagues, including those of her boss.

“It started at work. They said, Siri, do this, Siri do that, and now they do the same with Alexa, ”the woman claims.

In 2015, the name Alexa reached unexpected popularity, probably in the wake of the device’s launch. As it was novel, possibly many parents opted for that name, which skyrocketed to more than 1,500 during that year.

The Atlantic.

The problem is that, mentioning that name, you can now activate a series of gadgets and applications and that can end up being an inconvenience in a family that has a daughter named, precisely, Alexa.

The decline of this name began in 2020, when just 300 families in the United States named their offspring that way. The downward trend was also repeated in other territories where Alexa is popular, such as the UK and Canada.

The report also indicates that something similar has happened with Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. In fact, the number of babies named that way dropped from 111 in 2010 to just 10 in 2020.

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