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Nokia Announces World’s Most Advanced Optimal Fiber | Digital Trends Spanish

nokia has announced the world’s first Generation 6 broadband platform, designed for a “fiber for everything” world where fiber broadband networks evolve to become a single infrastructure for all services.

The new Lightspan MF-14 platform extends the high end of Nokia’s fiber broadband portfolio by providing unmatched capacity, low latency, intelligence, and high energy efficiency. The new platform will debut at the Network X event in Amsterdam from October 18-20.

The industry is entering a “fiber for everything” era. Once operators have deployed fiber to the home, their networks go through every other building on the street, as well as homes, meaning they can connect businesses and other services. Fiber PON will be capable of supporting high-bandwidth consumer services, industry 4.0 applications, enterprise connectivity, 5G transportation, and smart city services. This creates more revenue opportunities, lowers TCO, and significantly reduces overall energy consumption. This new era of broadband, designated Broadband 6 by the World Broadband Association (WBBA), requires a new technical solution. Nokia’s pioneering Lightspan MF-14 is the world’s first Gen 6 optical line terminal (OLT) and has already been selected by customers building 25 Gb/second capable networks in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific .

Geert HeininckVice President of Broadband Networks Nokiasaid: “Fiber to the home is becoming fiber to everything. This is made possible by various technological advances, especially higher speed PON technologies to accommodate all the new services, and SDN to bring more intelligence to the network. If you think about it, the sheer number of fiber endpoints makes it challenging to get an instant view of everything happening on your network, fully automate network control, and take action without service interruption. Our current portfolio is doing an excellent job of supporting many of these requirements for the services of today and tomorrow, but we are looking to the future. The MF-14 platform will suit operators planning large-scale 25G PON, 50G and even 100G PON within the same environment.”

In his recent report*, Erik Keith, senior research analyst for broadband infrastructure at S&P Global, says: “The PON market is at a crucial moment in the evolution of networks, where fiber broadband means much more than residential connectivity. There is a huge opportunity for service providers to connect everything much more efficiently by leveraging their existing fiber broadband networks. After all, the same fiber cables that were originally laid in residential areas also run through commercial buildings like office blocks, hospitals, and government properties. This approach eliminates multiple overlapping networks, minimizes street excavation and substantially reduces energy use. The new Lightspan MF-14 OLT can enable operators to implement a solution that will last for decades, while providing a platform that can increase network performance exponentially compared to most networks in use today.”

Based on new and advanced hardware and disaggregated software design, MF-14 is a generational leap in fiber access solutions. It is the highest capacity platform in the industry and the only turnkey solution for mass delivery of 25G, 50G and 100G PON services. It is also the industry’s first OLT with the availability of six nines and the sub-millisecond latency required for industry 4.0 and 5G mission-critical transport services.

Frontier Communications, the first in the United States to test 25G PON, is also the first to test MF-14 on its live network. Scott Mispagel, SVP National Architecture and Engineering at Frontier, said: “We are proud to be early adopters of this next-generation platform. This is another way to provide customers with the fastest broadband available. The MF-14 platform will support our journey to 100G using our existing fiber network and future-proof our network with speeds that will continue to outpace cable and other technologies for generations to come.”

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