Friday, December 8

North Korea announces new rural development plan to avoid food shortages

The government of North Korea announced this Wednesday a new agricultural development plan with which to avoid the current food shortage foreseen already in June by the North Korean leader himself, Kim Jong Un.

On the second day of the conference of the Korean Workers Party held this Wednesday in the capital, Pyongyang, North Korean authorities have highlighted “vigorous” efforts to develop “high-performance” facilities within the agricultural sector.

Thus, resources have been allocated to develop and improve more than 160 farms and another 12,300 work spaces and agricultural cooperatives throughout the country, thereby increasing the production of cereals and crops, according to the North Korean news agency (KCNA).

The fruits of this new plan Pyongyang They have been announced half a year after Kim, in a somewhat unusual move, acknowledged to the population the food shortage that the country was suffering, a crisis that was aggravated by the destruction of thousands of crops by the severe floods in August , the consequences of the pandemic or its international isolation.