Tuesday, November 28

North Korea declares victory in the war against COVID | Digital Trends Spanish

North Korea wants to reassure its people and show the world that it is a trustworthy country, and Kim Jong Un announced that his country had defeated the COVID-19in a pandemic wave that left 74 dead.

“The long-suffering quarantine war is finally over and today, we can solemnly declare victory,” Kim Jong Un said in Pyongyang on Wednesday, August 10, according to an English translation from NKNews.

The country reported its first case of covid-19 on May 12 of this year and quickly counted millions of cases in June. Officially, North Korea has recorded more than 4.7 million cases and just 74 deaths from the disease, but those numbers are obviously thought to be a gross undercount.

“The death toll of just 74 people in this period is extremely low and can be considered the greatest miracle in the global health community,” Kim said, according to NKNews.

But the theory of how COVID-19 entered the country also goes hand in hand with the conspiracy in the statements of the authorities. Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, also claimed that South Korea had intentionally caused the coronavirus to spread in the North.

KNCA was full of praise for the Kim Jong Un government’s health policy:

“Stating that the priceless victory won by us constitutes the victory of our Party’s anti-epidemic policy, the victory of our state’s anti-crisis strategy, the victory of the tenacity and resolute unity peculiar to our people and the great victory brought by the advantageous Korean-style socialist system,” KCNA continued.

“He highly praised the workers in the public health and anti-epidemic sectors across the country and the army doctors for having devoted all their strength, wisdom and sincerity to hard and active work to achieve victory in the all-time emergency anti-epidemic campaign for protect the security of the state and the well-being of the people from the serious health crisis.”

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