Sunday, December 3

North Korea is losing against COVID-19 | Digital Trends Spanish

The World Health Organization (WHO) released a new report on the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 and commented that the health situation in North Korea is getting worse.

The secrecy and lack of reliable information from Pyongyang increase fears that the figures are higher than those reported and that at least two weeks ago they spoke of 390,000 infected.

WHO emergencies chief Michael Ryan said, “We assume the situation is getting worse, not better.”

“We have real problems getting access to the raw data and the real situation on the ground,” Ryan said, adding that the WHO is working with neighbors like South Korea and China to try to get a better picture.

The state media agency KCNA said the provinces were “stepping up” their anti-epidemic campaigns, including enforcing some blockades and coastal blockades, increasing the production of medicines and medical supplies, and carrying out disinfection work.

North Korean Prime Minister Kim Tok Hun has inspected a pair of pharmaceutical factories, amid a push to bring the country’s pharmaceutical industry to a “new higher level,” including meeting international standards, KCNA reported.

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