Saturday, September 25

North Korea tests new long-range cruise missiles

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Giving one of lime and another of sand, as is usual with this regime, North Korea tested a new type of long-range cruise missile over the weekend. As reported on Monday by the North Korean state agency KCNA, the launches were on Saturday and Sunday and “the missiles flew 7,580 seconds with an oval trajectory over the surface and territorial waters” until “reach your goals 1,500 kilometers away». Unlike on other occasions, the young dictator Kim Jong-un was not present at the rehearsal, which was supervised by Marshal Pak Jong-chon, a member of the presidium of the Workers’ Party politburo.

This new provocation takes place just after a low-key parade was held in the early hours of Thursday morning through the 73rd anniversary of the regime. But it is not a violation of United Nations resolutions, which do not prevent cruise missile tests, only ballistic ones. As the latter can travel greater distances and, in theory, even hit the United States with a nuclear warhead, they have been banned by the Security Council of the United States. HIM-HER-IT, but not so those of cruise, that are considered like a lesser threat. That does not mean that they are not dangerous, since they are more difficult to detect because they fly lower and could even be armed with a small nuclear warhead. For that reason, Pyongyang It considers them of “strategic importance”. With a range of 1,500 kilometers, these new shells are similar to the US Tomahawks and target much of Japan’s territory, posing a serious risk.

Without breaking the rules, Kim Jong-un thus sends a message to President Biden to resume talks on nuclear disarmament in exchange for financial aid and diplomatic recognition. Although the dialogue between the two countries has stalled since the failure of the summit in Hanoi between Kim Jong-un and Trump in February 2019, Pyongyang wants to reopen it, possibly taking advantage of the humiliating US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

«The development of this long-range cruise missile, a strategic weapon of great importance to meet the goal of the five-year defense plan, has been driven for the last two years according to the scientific process of developing reliable weapons, ”announced the KCNA. For its part, the US High Command in the Indo-Pacific warned that “this activity highlights the constant goal of North Korea to develop its military program and the threat it poses to its neighbors and the international community.” As noted by the Xinhua news agency, “the US commitment to the defense of South Korea and Japan still armored»After this new challenge.

Despite its economic hardships, aggravated by the coronavirus as recognized by Kim Jong-un himself, Pyongyang continues to bet on military investment and its warrior diplomacy. But without provoking the White House too much with a ballistic missile.

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