Wednesday, September 27

North Korean hackers are breaking into your Gmail | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of hackers North Korea is after a dangerous malware called SHARPEXT, discovered by researchers at the security firm Volexity, and which uses clever means to install a browser extension for the Chrome and Edge browsers and enter your gmailreported Volexity in a blog post.

The malware has been in use for “more than a year,” Volexity said, and is the work of a hacking group the company tracks as SharpTongue. The group is sponsored by the North Korean government.

Volexity president Steven Adair said in an email that the extension is installed “through spear phishing and social engineering where the victim is tricked into opening a malicious document.

The blog post added: “Volexity’s own visibility shows that the extension has been quite successful, as logs obtained by Volexity show that the attacker was able to successfully steal thousands of emails from multiple victims through the deployment of the malware. ».

The input scopes of this extension are fatal for Gmail users.

The blog post provides images, file names, and other indicators that trained individuals can use to determine if they have been attacked or infected by this malware. The company warned that the threat it poses has grown over time and is not likely to go away any time soon.

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