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Norway wants to test if glasses protect against COVID-19 | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the first theories that began to circulate when the coronavirus pandemic became more serious pointed out that people who wear glasses could be more “protected” against SARS-CoV-2.

Now researchers at the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health want to put this theory to the test.

For this they look for volunteers who want to participate in a study. Scientists need participants who are of legal age and who do not wear glasses frequently but who can buy or obtain them for the duration of the experiment.

It is also required that volunteers have not been infected with COVID-19 since December 15, 2021.

A systematic review of observational studies indicated that protecting the eyes could be an effective measure to prevent coronavirus infections.

In the experiment there will be two groups. The members of the first will wear sunglasses or other types of glasses for a period of two weeks and will travel through public places. Meanwhile, the other group will do the same, but without any type of glasses.

“Many of you have access to sunglasses; wearing them can protect the eyes and make them a simple, available, ecological, safe and sustainable protection measure against infections”, adds the research.

The intention of those in charge of this work is to include about 25,000 participants so that they can have a statistical power of 80 percent and detect a 25 percent reduction in the risk of contracting this disease.

Those who are interested in participating can register at the website from high school.

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