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Not all are worth: how to choose a case to protect your mobile

For a few years now, mobile phones have accompanied us wherever we go. And, during all this time, it is rare that some of our terminals have not ended up on the ground and with some damage after a fall, especially on the way to the office. Because, choose a cover to protect our mobile that combines design and safety is really important.

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Smartphones are generally very fragile products. Although more and more brands protect their devices from sand, water and even falls, there are some weak points such as screens or corners of the terminal.

For this reason, a common accessory is the cover: a cover that not only protect the mobile, but it can give it our personal touch. And although it seems like a decision that can be taken lightly, spending a lot of money on a terminal and then not having it well protected can be a nonsense.

What to look for when buying a cover?

For many of us, choosing a phone case is as simple as looking for a cheap one. But we may be interested in thinking more about what we want.

In the first place, we have to think about whether we are looking for a case that affects the size of the mobile as little as possible or, on the other hand, we do not care if it increases and, therefore, changes the way we take it and use it. Second, we must take into account what we want our cover to do.

We may need a cover that, mainly, protects our mobile from the most striking falls because we are clumsy. Or, simply, we want a case that gives the mobile some personality and, at the same time, slightly protects it. So you have to look at:


Many of us associate mobile phone cases with silicone, which makes them flexible and resistant to the weather, although they are not the safest.

Despite this, there are many materials: wood -ecological and resistant-, leather, polycarbonate -aesthetic and very protective- or aluminum -rigid-. Each of the materials is adjusted to specific needs.

“Additional features”.

More and more cases include accessories that may be useful for some users. These extras are usually: a cord to hang the mobile from the neck, a ring that facilitates the grip, spaces to store the helmets, supports to hold the mobile, etc.

Types of covers

To make a better choice, we can review some types of covers and an example of each -we will use covers from the Samsung Galaxy A51, the one that was the best-selling mobile in Spain during 2020-:

1. Contour / Bumpers

The classic plastic (silicone) covers that adjust to the contour of our mobile. Mainly, they protect the corners of the phone from possible bumps and the rear camera from damage.

Recommended model: LYJERRY cover

A simple cover that includes a cord to hang the mobile around the neck. For 9.99 euros. It is available in four colors that covers the entire back of the terminal and is made of silicone. It is a cheap option where design prevails over other aspects.

2. Complete covers

They cover both the back and the screen, as they include a cover. They are usually in the shape of a book -that they open as if they were one- and they protect the terminal very well, although they can be uncomfortable.

Recommended model: Holidi Case

For 15.99 euros, This cover with cover made of synthetic leather and silicone shell protects our mobile from most falls. In addition, the lid that covers the screen has pockets to carry cards and bills.

3. Hybrids

The most resistant covers, since they usually combine PVC with other materials to ensure greater protection. They also tend to have more striking designs and are much thicker than most.

Recommended model: BestST Case

For 8.99 euros, the BestST case is one of the cheapest hybrids. It is a case whose main function is to protect the mobile as much as possible. It includes a tempered glass, a ring in the back area to hold the mobile and a magnetized area to hold it on certain devices.

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