Thursday, December 8

Nothing Phone 1: what are its LED lights for | Digital Trends Spanish

the prominent youtuber Marques Brownlee had in his hands the innovative new cell phone from Nothing, the Phone 1, and did a thorough explanation on what the LED lights on it mean.

Brownlee’s video highlights a couple of different and specific use cases, including having the LEDs work as a charging indicator, highlighting unread notifications, or flashing in time with ringtones.

It should be remembered that this phone will be launched on July 12.

The Nothing Phone LOOKS Different

Let’s review in detail the features of the LED lights on the Phone 1:

  • All strips light up to display notifications.
  • The center circle lights up to indicate wireless or reverse wireless charging.
  • The bottom light strip can act as a charging progress bar.
  • All strips can be illuminated to serve as a fill light for the camera.
  • All the strips can flash in time with the phone’s 10 built-in ringtones.

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