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Noti Hash: Bitcoin marks milestones and could end the year in style

Noti Hash is CryptoNoticias’ Bitcoin mining newsletter. It is published on our website every two weeks, being today, Friday, December 17, 2021, the tenth edition to be published, at the height of block 714,525

The Bitcoin mining industry is dynamic and attends to incentives from the electric power market, regulatory facilities and its different business models, as well as rewards obtained directly from the network.

For that reason, a setback in mining power or hash rate it should not be construed as a necessarily negative symptom. The same occurs with the difficulty of mining, a mechanism that Bitcoin has to prevent miners from acquiring too much power, or on the contrary, from falling short to sustain the confirmation of transactions to be added to the Bitcoin blockchain. .

Since we started publishing Noti Hash, the mining newsletter of CriptoNoticias, we have emphasized the various ways that Bitcoin miners have found to sustain their operations and project for the long term, and their results.

There are already almost 19 million bitcoins issued; surpassing 90% of those to be mined: 21 million units of BTC. Source:

Since our last edition, two extremely important milestones have been met for Bitcoin and its mining: the hash rate reached its all-time highs for the first time after China’s bans, issued earlier this year 2021; And also, 90% of all bitcoins (BTC) that will exist were mined.

The hash rate decreased considerably between May and July 2021, but is currently recovering. Source: Glassnode

In this line, we can see that the difficulty fell slightly in the adjustment of November 28, 2021, but in the next adjustment, which occurred on December 11, it increased more than 8%.

Since July 2021, 9 out of 10 difficulty settings were positive, and the current difficulty of 24 T is one of the highest we have seen in the year; being only surpassed by that of May 13 (25 T).

The last Bitcoin difficulty adjustment will take place on December 24 or 25, approximately. Will this setting exceed the current difficulty rate? It will be something interesting to see, since we could end the year with the Highest difficulty rate in the entire history of Bitcoin.

Source: Bitcoin Visuals

Thus, the Bitcoin mining industry continues to prosper, despite prominent politicians such as US Senator Elizabeth Warren criticizing the carbon footprint left by this activity, CriptoNoticias reported.

On the one hand, a new company is offering new and used mining machines for sale, especially to small businesses. FoundryX, the new platform of the company Foundry Digital, plans to deliver 40,000 teams by 2022, and by 2021 they have already reached 125 million dollars in sales, among customers in the US, Canada and Norway.

On the other hand, in South America, Bitcoin miners continue to make their way. The Braiins company, which is the parent of the renowned Slushpool pool, and offers various services on data analysis of Bitcoin mining, is looking for talent to be employed in the region.

Developers, software engineers, technical analysts, electrical technicians, and team coordinators are some of the vacancies open to Latinos regardless of nationality.

The initiative could have arisen from Braiins’ visit to Paraguay, led by his researcher and content director Daniel Frumkin, whom we interviewed at CriptoNoticias, where an event on mining was held that took place last week in La Asunción.

How are the Bitcoin mining pools doing?

With respect to the previous edition of Noti Hash, the position of the mining pools based on their processing quota contributed to the network has not changed much, except for the positioning of F2Pool in the first place, since previously it occupied the fourth position.

Similarly, unknown pools continue to have a significant share of the network. These pools could be made up of underground miners, or independent and new pools to be recognized by explorers, even.

Distribution of Bitcoin mining pools. Source:

Mining from other networks

  • In Ethereum mining with Proof of Work remains for a long time.
  •, the best known Bitcoin Cash mining pool, has been “sleeping” for more than 250 days.

Photo of the week

“My ASIC’s security camera caught this friend trying to steal my hash,” says Adam O.
Fountain: Adam O. /

A mountain lion sneaked into the private Bitcoin mining farm of businessman Adam O. of Upstream Data, which was recorded in the security camera that protects the facilities.