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Now BitMoney operates with Tether

In the world of cryptocurrencies, most users trade with Altcoins due to their high volatility that allows them to generate profits, but many do not take advantage of all the advantages of crypto.

There is a very special type of currency on the market called Stablecoin that integrates the advantages of fiat money with the technological advances of cryptocurrencies. Tether USDT allows you to store and trade value without the slow processing times of fiat money.

Stablecoins are the best gateway to the crypto world. In most exchange platforms, users must first switch to an intermediate currency before obtaining any other cryptocurrency; the most commonly used intermediate currency for this process is Tether.

Currently Tether is the most used cryptocurrency in the crypto world, more than 60% of Bitcoin transactions go through Tether first and its daily trading volume is double that presented by Bitcoin. Tether is the number one stablecoin for its market capitalization.

It is also important to say that the market capitalization of Tether increased 357% in the last year, which shows the reliability of the cryptocurrency by the market.

What is Tether-USDT?

Tether, or USDT, is a stablecoin, a stable cryptocurrency that maintains a value anchored to the value of the United States dollar (USD), with an equivalence of 1: 1. That is, 1 USDT is equal to 1 US dollar. This allows a more suitable base value in transactions and makes it perfect to operate in different ways.

USDT trades in many Blockchains being that of Tron (TRX) the most used by the cost of the network and its low commission. USDT based on TRC20

Advantages of Tether

With Tether you have a wide range of possibilities since this cryptocurrency allows you to:

1.- Trade like a normal cryptocurrency

When you exchange with Tether you keep your investment in dollars in your trusted wallet, without the need for intermediaries such as banks to store them, in this way you can operate quietly.

2.- Keep your earnings in dollars

Escaping volatility is a great opportunity when trends do not look promising, in this way many traders save the progress of their profits, and when the market improves, they convert. This is the reason why Tether is the most used cryptocurrency on the market.

3.- Buy and sell other cryptos

Tether allows you to buy other cryptocurrencies without intermediaries, easily and quickly. This feature makes Tether the best option for all the people who want to start in the crypto markets.

4.- A Tether equal to a dollar

Make payments, send remittances quickly without worrying about the constant changes in market prices.

5.- Low commission costs

Transactions with Tether USDT on the TRX network have a very low cost compared to transactions in other cryptocurrencies or with fiat money.

BitMoney trades Tether on the Tron network – USDT TRX

Buying Tether-USDT at is very easy. You just have to register on the BitMoney platform via Telegram; the Bot will accompany you during the registration process. Once your profile has been verified with the KYC system, you will have access to the different options of the platform.

On the platform you will find the following options:

With this option, BitMoney tells you the buy and sell prices of Tether-USDT in real time.

Buy and sell
Select one of the Buy or Sell options and start the operation.


  • For the purchase you must have a Wallet where to store your Tether
  • For the sale register a bank account where you can receive your payment.

In this option it is possible to consult your registered data, including personal information, identification data and your associated bank account.

The frequently asked questions will solve your basic concerns about the platform.

In BitMoney you have an online advisor willing to answer the questions generated during the exchanges.

BitMoney is the best option to buy and sell Tether-USDT in Colombia

Drawing of robot holding the flag of Colombia and a flying Tether coin connected to the Telegram symbol

Fig#2 is the first platform to operate with Tether in Colombia. Agile and secure exchanges via Telegram, don’t wait for anyone to tell you,

BitMoney, it’s that easy!

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